A collection of podcasts that our coaches have appeared on

Optimized Nutrition to Fuel your Optimized Training
Scott Tindal of Fuelin and Jeff Booher of TriDot join host Andrew Harley to discuss their pioneering integration, offering triathletes tailored nutrition plans based on specific training data. Tune in to learn how this game-changing partnership can optimize your training and race performance.
Nutrition & Body Composition - 1 on 1 with Scott Tindal of FuelIn
Scott Tindal, of Fuelin, joins IRONMAN Master Coach Matt Dixon on the Purple Patch Podcast to discuss the importance of focusing on body composition and holistic health during the off-season. The episode provides actionable advice on essential nutritional habits, the interconnectedness of sleep, recovery, and training, and how to avoid fad diets for better athletic performance and overall health.
Scott Tindal - Nutrition coach to professional triathletes
In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg is joined by world-leading Nutrition coach, Scott Tindal. They discuss Scott’s journey and clear the confusion surrounding nutrition for triathletes and endurance sports.
Stress, heart disease and the effects of exercise / Scott Tindal
Dr. Jeff Sankoff discusses stress's impact on cardiovascular disease alongside the benefits of regular exercise. He also explores iron deficiency and supplementation in athletes with Fuelin co-founder, Scott Tindal.
Breaking the Injury Cycle (Part 2) - The Role of Nutrition
In part two of our three-part series on injury prevention and management, Matt Welcomes to the podcast leading performance nutritionist Scott Tindal of FuelIn for a discussion on the role of nutrition in injury prevention, mitigation, and recovery.
248: Scott Tindal-Co-Founder, Fuelin, Shares The Secret To Sucess When It Comes To Nailing Your Fueling, Nutrition & Hydration For Athletic Performance
In this conversation with Mari, Scott unpacks how the Fuelin app and platform work, the importance of training your gut, leveraging the power of carbohydrates for racing.
Episode 21: Fueling and Nutrition for Females in Work, Sport and Life
Podcast host, Sara chats with Fuelin coach, Elizabeth Inpyn about how to become better in tune with what our bodies need. In this wide ranging discussion, Elizabeth shares tips on how to make sense of our gut microbiome, and more specifically, how to do so by interpreting our bowel movements.
Episode 221: Becoming a Better Coach - Leveraging Experts to Help Athletes
In this insightful conversation, coaches, Matt Dixon, Michael Olzinski and Scott Tindal discuss the magic that is unlocked for athletes when coaches work together to combine their expertise to bring the best guidance to an athlete.
Episode 82: Get Faster With Carb Training by FuelIn
The host of the FLO podcast and Coach Scott Tindal discuss burning nutrition and fueling questions asked by many endurance athletes . Learn about Scott’s prespective on FatMax and high carbohydrate fueling for training and racing.
Episode 315: Elizabeth Inpyn On Being Your Best Self Ever And Fuelin For Performance
Coach Elizabeth has a deep and insightful conversation with the Yogi Triathlete podcast hosts about being your best self as well as important practical guidance on fueling for performance.
Episode # 68 Fueling for triathlon with Fuel In!
Endurance coaches Marilyn Chychota, Jesse Vondracek, and Elliot Bassett interview Fuelin’s Scott Tindal on all things performance nutrition.
Soup to Nuts: Race Nutrition and Fueling with Sports Nutritionist Scott Tindal
In this wide ranging conversation, Fuelin’s Scott Tindal, dives into the details of race nutrition, fueling and hydration with IRACELIKEAGIRL hosts Amy Woods and Angela Naeth.
Episode 114 Scott Tindal: Nutrition tips for triathletes and endurance sports
Nutritionist Scott Tindal clears the confusion surrounding nutrition for triathletes and endurance sports. Scott has spent almost two decades working with athletes at all levels to optimise their health and performance. In this episode we cover his principles and Scott answers questions from listeners, from coeliac diets to fuelling strategies on race day.
IMTalk Episode 809 – Performance Nutritionist Scott Tindal
IMTalk’s podcast host, John Newsom, has a wide ranging discussion with Fuelin’s Scott Tindal (27:30 into the episode) about nutrition for the ageing athlete, post workout fueling guidance and simple tools to determine if you need to improve your body composition.
Fueling Your Best Self with Elizabeth Inpyn (S17E4)
IronWomen podcast hosts, Haley and Alyssa, interview Fuelin’s sports nutritionist, Elizabeth Inpyn. They discuss the prevalence of disordered eating and underfueling among endurance athletes and how this can have a myriad of negative impacts on our overall health.
Elizabeth Inpyn - Dialing In Plant-Based Performance
Fuelin’s Certified Sports Nutritionist, Elizabeth Inpyn, speaks to Carrie Barrett about micronutrients, supplements, protein sources, protein powders and more to optimize health and performance for plant based athletes.
Fitter & Faster, Episode 24: How to Get the Most From Your Nutrition
Scott Tindal of FuelIn talks to Managing Editor of Triathlete Magazine Emma-Kate Lidbury about some of the biggest mistakes Tindal sees triathletes making with their fueling, including the prevalence of RED-S.
Faster - Podcast by FLO - Episode 72: Getting Faster With Fuelin
Jon Thornham of FLO Cycling talks to Scott Tindal of Fuelin about his performance nutrition coaching journey and the story behind the creation of Fuelin.
Nutrition for Performance vs. Nutrition for Health
Taren brings FuelIn's Scott Tindal to discuss the difference between nutrition for performance vs. health.
Nutrition Case Study - Fueling for the Elite Amateur Athlete
Scott Tindal and world class triathlon coach Matt Dixon deconstruct the secret to high performance through nutrition for an elite amateur athlete.
Nutrition Case Study - Fueling for the Mid-50s Executive Time-Starved Athlete
Scott Tindal of FuelIn discuss the performance nutrition journey of a long term client and busy CEO.
Nutrition Case Study - Fueling for the Female Perimenopausal Athlete
Matt Dixon the founder and head coach of Purple Patch and FuelIn's very own Scott Tindal discuss performance fueling strategies for a busy perimenopausal athlete.
What a Pro Triathlete Eats in a Day | Sarah Piampiano and Scott Tindal
Taren interviews Pro Triathlete Sarah Piampiano and her nutrition coach Scott Tindal about the process of fueling for performance and personalizing nutrition to the individual.
Scott Tindal: Sport nutritionist & physio to the world's top sports teams
The Do Landers Podcast hosts Nik Devidas and Blake Collins interview Scott Tindal about his journey in life to become a sports nutritionist.
The performance benefits of carbohydrates and Creatine as a go-to supplement with Scott Tindal
Scott talks about carbohydrate consumption for optimal performance and his top two supplements for High-Performing Humans on the Human Strength and Nutrition podcast.
Breakfast, Protein, and Nitrates - Scott Tindal - Part 2
The Importance of breakfast - What and Why? The Role of Protein and How Much is too Much? Nitrates and Beets? What Are They and What Are the Benefits?
Nutrition Planning for Athletic Performance with Scott Tindal - Part 1
Matt Dixon and Scott Tindal break down an often confusing and complex topic in this two-part podcast series on Performance Nutrition.
Scott Tindal, Performance Nutritionist
Rest Day podcast host Kim Pederson interviews FuelIn's Scott Tindal about his career, philosophy in health and aspects related to performance.

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