In his capacity as Chief Performance Officer, Jan will leverage his extensive experience to enhance Fuelin's offerings, making them practical and accessible for athletes of all levels. Collaborating closely with Scott, he will share the secrets that have fueled his success through a variety of engaging content focused on endurance sports and performance nutrition.

Sharing Knowledge

Jan is keen to share his knowledge with the Fuelin community - “I just really like working with Scott and the Fuelin team, we have fun talking about our passion for food, performance and how to piece together the puzzle for anyone who doesn’t want to make all the mistakes that I made over the years.”

Why join Fuelin?

Called the greatest triathlete of all times and an icon of endurance sport, Jan is exicted to join Fuelin -  “There has been a massive shift in nutrition philosophy over the years and whilst being aware of it, I never managed to convert to a more modern approach before meeting Scott and the Fuelin team.”

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Olympic Champion & 3 x Ironman World Champion