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Fuelin is excited to partner with Purple Patch to help you nail your nutrition and fueling!

(Fuelin is currently only available to Today's Plan/TrainingPeaks/Final Surge users on an iOS mobile device)

performance nutrition simplified

Tired of guessing if you are eating or fueling with the right foods for your Ironman training? Want to optimize your health & performance? Looking for an Ironman meal plan? We simplify the complex world of performance nutrition so that you can focus on your triathlon training, work and life.

You'll always know how to fuel before, during and after your training sessions guided by our coaches and app to perform your best.

we integrate directly with your training platform


A performance gamechanger

Your custom performance nutrition plan is delivered to you through the Fuelin App. Easily access your nutrition plan anytime and anywhere. Take out the guesswork and know exactly how to fuel to perform your best in sports and life.


  • A simple to follow traffic light system guides you on your nutrition before, during and after your training sessions.
  • Practical fueling guidance on when, how much and what type of nutrition to consume for optimized performance and health.
  • Discover recipes in the app and track your macro targets easily through our integration with MyFitnessPal and LoseIt.


  • Custom daily nutrition plan with macro targets are outlined for you based on your goal, training plan and individual details.
  • Receive personalized guidance on in-session fueling for training sessions and based on the session type, duration and intensity.
  • Your daily fueling plan is customized based on your training sessions in either Today's Plan, TrainingPeaks and Final Surge.

REsults Driven

  • Get insights to dial in your fueling and hydration for training and racing based on your sweat rate and carbohydrate intake rate data captured in the app.
  • Your nutrition plan is adjusted weekly using your results and feedback  to optimize your nutrition plan and ultimately your performance.
  • Be ready to perform your best with a custom nutrition plan leading up to a race and race specific fueling and hydration guidance.
Note: Fuelin is currently only available to Today's Plan, TrainingPeaks, Final Surge users on an iOS mobile device. Sign-up for our newsletter to get notified when we launch on other platforms.

A PERSONALIZED NUTRITION program tailored to your goals and budget

$ 99 USD / month
*3 month initial commitment

Designed for athletes seeking the next level in health and performance

Key Features

  • Personalized daily and weekly nutrition plan
  • Fueling central with 100's of recipes
  • Sweat Rate and Carb Capacity tracking
  • Education videos in app
  • Weekly live group Q&A sessions with Fuelin coaches
  • Community access to private Fuelin FB group
  • 1:1 consultations available for purchase (optional)
$ 199 USD / month
*3 month initial commitment

For athletes wanting personalized feedback from a nutrition coach

All Autopilot features plus

  • Unlimited messaging with your performance nutrition coach
  • Written analysis of blood and scan reports
  • 1:1 consultations available for purchase (optional)
premium 1:1 coaching
$ 500-$ 800 USD / month
*3 month initial commitment

For the athlete wanting the very best nutrition coaching service available

All Copilot features plus

  • Full bespoke 1:1 coaching with Scott Tindal or Elizabeth Inpyn
  • Weekly video calls, unlimited messaging + feedback
  • 1:1 race planning and health optimization coaching

Program details



*Initial 3 month commitment required.



*Initial 3 month commitment required.



*Initial 3 month commitment required.

personalized nutrition plan
  • Personalized daily nutrition/fueling plan matched to your training, biology and goals (Syncs directly with Today's Plan/TrainingPeaks/Final Surge).
  • Custom daily macronutrien targets and supplement suggestions.
  • Custom guidelines on fueling before, during and after each training session and day-to-day nutrition. Race fueling guidelines.
fueling central
  • Hand selected easy to make high-performance recipes that align to the traffic light system.
  • Recommendations on in-session fueling products and exclusive discounts for members.
  • New recipes and product recommendations are added regularly.
personal insights and tracking
  • Weight Log - Track your progress towards your race weight. Your nutrition plan adapts based on your progress.
  • Sweat Rate Test Protocol and Calculator - Understand your sweat rate to optimize your hydration.
  • Carb Tolerance Protocol and Calculator - Optimiza Carb intake. Train your gut to maximize performance and minimize GI distress.
  • Videos, articles and podcasts that covers the basics along with more detailed deep dives on performance nutrition topics.
  • Access to previously recorded Q&A sessions.
  • High Performance Nutrition Guide (PDF) with guidelines on performance nutrition and overall health optimizations (suggested baseline tests etc.).
group coaching and community
  • NEW Weekly live group Q&A sessions with a nutrition coach.
  • NEW Access to private coached athlete forum to ask general questions, share tips, swat recipes, plan for upcoming race etc.
  • See other Fuelin athletes attending your races/events in the app.
individual coach
  • NEW Regular feedback, race planning and fueling guidance.
  • NEW Coach analysis and review of your baseline tests (bloodwork, DEXA/RMR) view email.
  • Ask questions about performance nutrition view in app messaging.
premium 1:1 coach
  • Initial 60 minute 1:1 consultation with full baseline tests review.
  • Unlimited 1:1 messaging and ability to book weekly 1:1 live sessions.
  • Detailed data analysis and race fueling and hydration planning.
1:1 consultation (add-on)
  • $250 for 30 min - 1:1 session with Scott Tindal
  • $250 for 60 min / $150 for 30 min - 1:1 session with Elizabeth Inpyn




our coaches

Top performance nutrition coaches in triathlon

Our performance nutrition coaches are hand selected for their extensive experience in working with professional athletes and elite sports teams around the world. What makes our coaches different is their unique ability to distill the complex science of nutrition combined into practical and easy to understand steps to assist their athletes in achieving breakthrough performances.

scott tindal

  • Nutrition coach to professional triathletes and executives. 20+ years of experience in professional sports. Expert advisor to companies on nutrition product development and health optimization.
  • Performance nutrition advisory board member at IRONMAN. Former head of performance nutrition for Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL), Team Oracle USA, and Professional Rugby.
  • Post Grad Diploma in Sports & Exercise Nutrition - ISSN |MSc, Sports and Exercise Medicine - Queen Mary University of London | Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) - University of Sydney
1:1 CONSULTATION with scott
$ 250 USD / 30 minutes

elizabeth inpyn

  • Helping professional/elite competitors and teams, recreational athletes and coaches/organizations with all manner of health, high performance and wellness goals.
  • Former NCAA Division 1 distance swimmer and water polo player,  multiple podium finisher at the Olympic and 70.3 race distance and a USAT National Qualifier at the Olympic distance.
  • Certified sports nutritionist - ISSN and Plant based nutrition certification | Masters of Science (Applied Exercise Science: Sports Nutrition) |  Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry) - University of California Santa Barbara
1:1 CONSULTATION with elizabeth
$ 100 USD / 30 minutes
($50 off for a limited time, normally $150)
Our coaches have worked with top athletes at sports teams and companies around the world
and their work has appeared or has been cited in the following outlets

what our athletes say about us

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Are you ready for your own nutrition and fueling program ?

Take out the guesswork and gain confidence in your nutrition with the peace of mind that you are being guided by the top coaches in sports nutrition to unlock new levels of performance in sports, work and life.

Your program is personalised to you, grounded in science, practical and has been time tested with top athletes in the world.


Seasoned professionals that coach pro sports teams, elite athletes and executives.

science based

Personalised nutrition guidance grounded in science, research and data. No hype or fad diets.

sports specific

Nutrition guidance is bespoke and specific to the unique requirements and needs of triathletes.


"I can't say enough about working with Scott - whether as an elite athlete, weekend warrior or something just looking to improve their health and eating habits - Scott has so much to offer. I cannot recommend him enough."  

- Sarah Piampiano (Pro Triathlete)
"In a world that can be clouded by quackery and quick-fixes, it is refreshing to work with a true expert who puts the athlete first and is results driven.  

Whether working with one of the Purple Patch Pros, time-starved executives, or passionate fitness enthusiasts, Scott brings a wealth of expertise to support and improve our athletes.  

Scott is an educator, holds athletes to account and empowers them to make smart decisions on their journey.  A wonderful asset for the whole Purple Patch team, across both gender and performance level, he sits in the thin air of the world’s very best nutrition experts."

- Matt Dixon (Founder Purple Patch and Ironman Master Coach)
“Since I started working with Scott, I have had a radical change in my daily training. Not only I felt stronger, but also the recovery periods were much shorter than in the past. I have had a healthy and lean diet my whole life, yet Scotts nutrition plan was a game changer.

- Ignacio "Nacho" Galarraga (70.3 Cozumel Age Group Champion)

Frequently Asked

How does the program work and how is it personalised?

Connect us to your training program (Training Peaks or Today's Plan) and we use your training plan along with your personal requirements (goals, gender, weight etc.) to build you a custom weekly nutrition plan.

What is the traffic light system?

A simple color coding system to indicate the type of meal/snack (corresponding to the amount of carbohydrates) to consume either before, during or after a training session.

What level of access do I have to my coach?

Depending on the program you sign-up for you have various levels of access to your coach. We are always available to answer any questions and for more involved planning and guidance, individual consultations are available for purchase.

What type of recipes are available?

We have a hand selected list of over 650 high performance recipes suitable for many eating preferences such as omnivores, vegetarian, pescatarian and vegan.

Do you have to be a professional athlete to do the program?

No - this program is for everyone who competes in Triathlon training and racing. From the weekend warrior right through to our Pro athletes. It is professional athlete quality in nature, you do not have to be in order to benefit from it.

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