Is too much exercise bad for you? The reverse J-curve explained/Scott Tindal of Fuelin

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We know that exercise is good for our health and well being but can too much of a good thing be...not so good? Research has begun to show that in older individuals, the benefits of exercise may diminish after a threshold of volume and intensity is surpassed and a new paper has found that even among elite athletes in their twenties, too much training at too high an intensity might be the cause of cardiac events. I look at what is known about all of this. Scott Tindal has worked with professional athletes across many sports on different continents and now brings his skills to bear for triathletes as an advisory board member for nutrition for Ironman. He is also the CEO of FuelIn, an app for your phone that looks to help you sort out your nutrition and fit it to your training. Scott speaks to me about his philosophy for nutrition and training as well as about a plethora of other topics.