Fuelin, Meal Planning, Gut Training, & Stomach Issues For Cyclists

Following a diet plan can be challenging at best. What starts off as a perfect pdf with meals planned out meticulously, usually ends up causing more stress. What happens if your buddies want to hang out and grab dinner but the restaurant doesn’t have the Salmon and Quinoa your meal plan calls for? What if you get called out to a work dinner or simply haven’t been able to get to the grocery store due to your busy schedule? Today, on Faster we talk with Co-Founder Scott Tindal of Fuelin who’s making performance nutrition plans for athletes easy and stress free. Scott years of experience working with professional athletes in triathlon, the Toronto Maple Leafs, and Team Oracle are now the brains behind the app Fuelin. Fuelin not only optimizes your meal plans for your season but also helps you train your gut so that you can consume the calories you need on race day. Stomach issues during a race are so common but Scott’s athletes are finding this is a thing of the past. Listen to this episode to learn about optimizing your nutrition with Fuelin’s AI so you can become faster.