Elizabeth Inpyn On Being Your Best Self Ever And Fuelin For Performance

Elizabeth Inpyn is a competitive athlete and sports performance nutrition guru whose aim is to assist everyone in living their best self which she believes is who we all want to become. She is a long-time and well-accomplished athlete. Elizabeth was an NCAA swimmer, which was a path that began in a backyard, 25-yard pool. And after receiving a bike as a birthday gift, she stepped into her role as a triathlete which eventually led to her living her purpose as a nutrition guide for professional, elite, and age-group endurance athletes. Elizabeth has an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry, an MS in Sports Performance Nutrition, an MS in Applied Exercise Science, and an MA in Education in Health Sciences. She is a certified sports nutritionist and holds her plant-based nutrition certification from the T Colin Campbell Institute. She’s got the educational cred but perhaps even more important, she has years the experience of putting her knowledge into action with her own athletics and through the journeys of the athletes she guides. We love talking about reaching higher levels of health and really enjoyed this conversation, we hope you do as well. In this episode, we discuss.• what it means to be your best self ever• commitment to show up every day• living a balanced life and prioritizing health• becoming a sports nutritionist• effects of not consuming enough calories• RED-S syndrome• sifting through the nutrition noise• importance of the health of your gut• our gut is trainable• late-night training and eating• fiber consistency• practicing race day nutrition• Fuelin• teaching people how to fuel their body efficiently