Elizabeth Inpyn - Unpacking The Fears and Phobias around Food

No doubt, there is an emotional aspect to fueling and eating.

Each of us comes strapped with experiences from our past, cultural and religious expectations, and emotional biases that may affect our relationship with food.

As athletes, we also inherently understand that fueling and nutrition are vital to our success. Eating for the demands of our training can, in a word, be scary.

Enter Elizabeth Inpyn.

Coach Elizabeth has an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from UCSB, an MS in Applied Exercise Science, and an MA in Education in Health Sciences, as well as a Masters in multicultural education and curriculum development. She is a certified sports nutritionist from the ISSN (International Society of Sports Nutrition) and holds a plant-based nutrition certification from the T Collin Campbell Institute.

In addition to her academic accolades, Elizabeth is also an accomplished athlete - an NCAA Division 1 distance swimmer and water polo player. After college, she transitioned to triathlon where she sat atop many a podium in the Olympic and 70.3 distances.

As a nutritionist, Elizabeth has worked with all types of athletes in multiple sports, ages, genders, and backgrounds. She knows intimately the delicate balance of working with people on improving their relationship with food.

Today, she and Sara unpack:

  • The surprising (and not surprising) reasons people seek out a nutritionist
  • The changes people want to make in their diet - and it’s not always about weight loss
  • How she provides emotional support to athletes
  • Their own biases about food and different cultures
  • Their personal stories and complicated relationships with food as high-level athletes
  • Recommended supplements for active, performance-minded women

Athletes are often overburdened and overwhelmed with the amount of conflicting information and may need someone to help sift through the noise.

This is where Feisty Media, Elizabeth Inpyn, and the Fueled course meet.

Elizabeth provided much of the content on the nutrition modules and you can learn more at fueledcourse.com to empower yourself and help create a proper nutrition plan that meets the demands of your training.

You can also reach out to Elizabeth at FuelIn.com or @inpyn

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