High-Carb Fueling: How High Can You Go?

Carbohydrates are a key source of fuel for endurance athletes seeking to maximize performance in training and racing. How much should you be consuming? How do you prevent GI distress? In this article for Triathlon Magazine, FuelIn's sports nutrition coach Scott Tindal outlines the science and practical elements of fueling with carbohydrates for training and racing.

We generally recommend in-session fueling with carbohydrates for sessions that are 90 minutes or longer. While this recommendation can vary based on other factors such as the session type and if the session is a back-to-back session it is a good general rule of thumb. They type of carbohydrates and amount varies based on the session intensity and what you can currently tolerate.

In-session fueling diagram
General guidelines on in-session fueling amounts and type of carbohydrate for training and racing.

Athlete's on the FuelIn program receive personalized guidance on in-session fueling recommendations and targets based on their personal training plan. Our personalized recommendations take into account the session duration, session intensity, session type, session sequence and athlete gender. Additionally, guidance is also provided on how to train your gut and measure your in-session carbohydrate consumption rate directly from our app.

Watch our Carbohydrates 101 video to learn the basics of carbohydrates.  

Scott Tindal
May 6, 2024
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