Edit Session Feature

We've made it easier to update your session details (date, start time, duration and intensity) directly from the Fuelin app! (Note: This feature is currently available for TrainingPeaks and Today's Plan users).

When to edit your sessions? 
If you see a session with a ⚠️ ⛔️ ❌ it means that some session details are missing. Tap on the session to quickly fill in the missing session details.
If your plans have changed want to adjust a session's start time, duration. date or session intensity.

How to edit your sessions in Fuelin?
STEP 1: Tap the session that you would like to update. Select "Edit Session" to update the session details in Fuelin.

STEP 2: Update the missing data fields (start time, duration and/or intensity). Tap 'Save'.

STEP 3: Tap "Edit Other Sessions" if you have other sessions to update. Otherwise tap on "Re-Run My Plan"

STEP 4: You'll see a message letting you know that we've received the request to update your training plan.

STEP 5: After a few minutes, go to the week view and pull down on the screen to refresh your plan.

STEP 6: Your sessions are now updated in Fuelin and in your training platform.

Scott Tindal
May 6, 2024
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